A Videodermatoscope given to the Gallarate Hospital by the De Molli Giancarlo Industrie spa for its 70th anniversary

CASTRONNO – For its 70th anniversary from its foundation in 1948, the De Molli Giancarlo Industrie Spa in Castronno decided to donate a Videodermatoscope to the operative unit of the Hospital in Gallarate. The modern machine, which allows to control with high precision numerous dermatologic pathologies bound for example with the mole mapping by detecting and memorizing progressive images of moles, will be used inside the department under the direct control of Doctor Carabelli Angelo. The department has nine beds and is known as one of the most important at regional level.

The donation has been recently announced by Asst Valleolona from Busto Arsizio: the delivery of the instrument, with which the private company wishes to contribute with a better functioning of an already well appreciated public sanitary structure, will happen after Eastern vacations.

The new instrument, a Derma View Dual bt 3D Medical, uses its most advanced technologies applicable at an examination of videodermatoscopy, allowing the acquisition of high informative content images with a software engine and wireless technology. The goal is to offer the best solution of dermatoscopy survey available today on the market, allowing to digitalize in a professional way the necessary optical-analogical disposals, which have always been in use in all the dermatologic centers. “We are talking about a very useful and important device – reminds Doctor Carabelli – which improves the actual performances of the already used dermatoscope, allowing to register in an accurate way the images to compare them with the computer and checking the diagnostic and therapeutic evolution in a more effective way”.