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De Molli Giancarlo Industrie S.p.a. is an italian company holding the leadership in hot and cold steel and aluminium manufacturing and forming.

De Molli Giancarlo Industrie S.p.a. was founded in 1948 as a simple artisanal enterprise dealing with the production of tools. The founder, Giancarlo De Molli, immediately knew how to combine traditional values ​​of the “know how” experience with the great potential of cutting edge technology.

Today, De Molli Giancarlo Industrie S.p.a. holds the leadership in hot and cold steel and aluminium manufacturing and forming, using mechanical and hydraulic presses, induction furnaces and other specific tools.

Current size and importance are the result of a steady growth in every field of activity.

As a pioneer and a visionary, Giancarlo De Molli’s values are now imprinted in our everyday activities.

The company is located into a geographically strategic area, in the middle of one of the most industrialized European areas. Find out where we are >

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Our passion and desire in innovating are key features in all our work, that daily lead us to look for new challenges and solutions. Thanks to these features, we were able to diversify our production over time, while preserving the quality of materials and the great attention to every detail. All this things have allowed us to establish a good number of excellent partnership with leading companies in Italy and abroad.

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