Launch of the training course Crescere Conoscendo

“The history of our country, of our people, of our industries is linked to a desire to learn and succeed that was realized after the end of all hope in believing technical and operational education as a tool to bring the country and the people to a standard of living where the term education was, and still is, synonymous with free choice for success.”

In a few days will be kicked off the first edition of the new training course of business education “Crescere Conoscendo” (Growing Knowing) to be held at the headquarters of Giancarlo De Molli Industrie Spa.

The course, sponsored by the Scientific Committee of De Molli Spa and with the fundamental contribution of the President Prof. Giovanni Bignami, will involve all employees with the aim of transferring scientific and technological knowledge base to all employees, as well as provide a clear explanation to all the activities and work cycles normally carried out in the company.

It happens, in fact, to perform tasks and activities without fully understanding what enrichments the give to the product; to prevent the persistence of such conditions, the course will explain the technological processes, their applications and the effects they have on the products, with the aim to raise the medium technical cultural level in the company and train the staff.

The topics covered during the course will be the following: Mathematics, Geometry, Mechanics, Chemistry, Fluid Dynamics, Mechanical Technology, Technical Design and Machining.

Each topic will be explained, for the practical part, by the heads of the various corporate services.

The total duration of the course will be 50 hours over two lessons per week for 2 hours each in the evening.