MEP Mr Salini on visit in the De Molli of Castronno

In February, the Hon. and MEP Salini has traveled in visit to De Molli Spa in Castronno (Varese), the leading Italian company in hot and cold steel and aluminium manufacturing and forming, where he met three generations of entrepreneurs who have managed to constantly renew the company and its products.
“Politics should imitate these entrepreneurs – Salini concluded. They are a great example of ability and morality. Companies capable of putting together innovation and added value. The entrepreneurs in Varese have had the strength to fight against the crisis. Now it is very important to keep the attention focused on what we’re trying to do in Europe by opposing the granting of the status of a market economy to China, as well as the Commission would like. China has a surplus production that is more than double that of Europe, and if it will pour it on the market without duties, it will crush our businesses. Europe must show that it can defend its industry. The China threat can not be stronger than our policy, which must do everything to protect our businesses and our jobs”

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