New Logo De Molli Giancarlo industrie s.p.a

During 2016, the company decided to change the logo that represents it, maintaining the bound with its history and tradition, the elements that mostly characterize it. This is how the new version of the logo took inspiration from the former one in the shape that recalls the key product of the De Molli s.p.a, the hinge. Inside this geometric shape, the initials of De Molli Giancarlo Industrie can be recognized, thanks to the presence of the letters D and G, which, solid and thick, communicate the rationality and reliability but also openness towards the surrounding environment.

These are in contrast with the letter M, which, soft, constitutes the breaking element that communicates speed and suggests that the heart of the company is made up by the people that compose it. The letter I, solid as a column, shows stability and the bound of the company with its history and growth in the years. Finally, the addition of the gear that reminds the mechanical base of the company, and which, underlined by the color red magenta, recalls the incandescent iron.