SOFT Hinge – hinge with integrated blocking system

The SOFT hinge can be fixed on the doors of either industrial vehicles and cars, as well as on industrial vehicles’ rear doors. Also in this case the checker door is inserted in the hinge, so the external one can be totally removed from the vehicle. In this way, instead of having three pieces to fix the door at the body, just two pieces are to be found: the superior and inferior hinges. The blocking system integrated in the cylinder allows the total elimination of the external checker door both on the doors and on the rear doors. These eliminations allow to the automotive companies to heavily reduce costs. The patented mechanism can be fixed directly inside the existing lower or upper hinge, depending on the available space, maintaining the other hinge unvaried. The cylinder with the inner mechanism maintain all its characteristics even when it goes through the cataphoresis and painting phases and, since it is watertight, it eliminates problems of oxidation and dirt.

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