Our history

The first unit of the plant

Giancarlo De Molli Industries S.p.a. was founded in 1948 as a simple artisanal enterprise dealing with the production of tools.

In 1964 the production of hinges for motor vehicles began, starting with hot steel forming.

In the late ’60s, De Molli Giancarlo Industrie S.p.a. acquires the first electric induction furnace that will revolutionize forever its method of industrial production.

The plant has been expanded over the years

1948 – Giancarlo De Molli Industrie S.p.a. establishment as a tool factory;

1958 – Construction of the first warehouse with a molding department;

1964 – Production implementation of hinges for automobiles (Alfa Romeo);

1978 – Realization of definitive operating office and forging department creation;

1982 – Introduction of the first printing presses in partial replacement of hammers;

1988 – Production start of cold forged materials and cutting up;

1994 – Change in corporate and organizational set up and activity expansion towards the new electric and railway businesses;

2000 – Introduction of robotics in production;

2002 – Creation of the stainless steel line for isothermal vehicles;

2006 – Development and creation of products for construction and architecture fields ;

2008 – Optimization of the lines for alloys molding and processing;

2009 – Patents registration for mechanisms using non-metallic materials;

2012 ­– Complete extension of the covered surface with the construction of 4 buildings 2.000m2 and the reclaim of the area around the industry;

The plant nowadays

2014 – Increase of corporation stock from Euro 104.000,00 to Euro 1.508.000,00;

2016 – The company becomes international

2017 –  Expansion of the production lines with the purchase of four new horizontal machining centers with pallet change. Technically developed several new product types with customers based on new program orders acquired.

2018 – Completion of new assembly department with new product lines. Obtaining the ISO 14001 environmental certification. Installation of a new complete hot stamping line with a 1600 ton mechanical press.

2019 – Further increase in production capacity with the purchase of three new machining centers, including a 5-axis continuous one. The structure was strengthened in all areas by adding new qualified personnel to all sectors of the company.