Our Scholarships

Each year, Giancarlo De Molli Industries S.p.a. is offering scholarships – in memory of the Knight Giancarlo De Molli – for the best students of the Comprehensive School “De Amicis”.

2010 Scholarship

2011/2012 Scholarship

Every time, our efforts in these special occasions is to try to organize some real events that may involve as much young citizens of Castronno as possible, representing the future of our city. For this reason, we organize carnivals with prestigious guests and that may in any way stimulate the curiosity and interest of children to cultural and of great importance issues, such as physics and astronomy.

The satellite and the scientist

We never miss to enrich our events with a dash of fun and goodies of course, such as the awards ceremony for the winner students of the scholarship, musical performances of the Banda Azzurra band of Castronno and refreshments with a grand finale of ice cream and chocolate waterfalls for free.

If you are looking for more informations about our scholarships, please do not hesitate to contact us.