That’s why our daily work is our greatest passion.

Our products are the synergistic result of many years of experience in the field of hot and cold processing and forming, to which high technical and research expertise in continuous innovation; an absolute reference point regarding functionality and quality.
Our brand symbolizes the will to go beyond the material, searching the perfection, without ever forgetting the proximity to customers and reliability.

Experiences, technologies and innovations since 1948

Hot forming

Research and development


With our presses, which have a tonnage range from 4 to 6,000, we are able to print any type of deformable material both hot and cold. In this specific example represented in the video below, the cylindrical billet of aluminum, with a diameter of 130mm and a length of 200mm, is initially brought to the ideal temperature for the molding in a hot air oven, specific for this type of material, which reaches a temperature of 600° C.